Sex & you

Sex & you

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yoga & sex

Read an article online saying men using yoga to dates. This is not about how you use yoga to improve you sexual performance, or using doing yoga together with your love one to enhance the sexual relationship. I do think that yoga may help to improve sex, but sure it's not suitable for everyone. I think most of the men will have the same thought as mine, learn yoga and bench my body like that to improve sex? I rather take a Viagra pill that may kill me. I do enjoy to exercise with a bunch of sexy girls in the classroom, but I won't be able to stand properly after the class. It won't be useful for a guy like me.

Is this new? Don't think so, I remember I watched a movie about 10 years ago that the handsome guy is using the yoga class as a way to tackle girls.

There are also a lot of cases that the yoga instructor is having sex with their students, a female yoga teacher said what can you expect when the male instructor is in a classroom full of female students in lycra? And some of the yoga post do look sexy right? I wonder what will happen if the male instructor is getting an erect during the class, and you know how soft the fabric can be. This is totally awesome.