Sex & you

Sex & you

Friday, June 8, 2012

Looking for a night with no string attached

When you are looking for a one night stand, and you would want to know that the other party have the same feel about it or not, how? Is the girl looking a one night stand, a sex partner or she treats you as a long term relationship partner? There are actually a lot of different way to find out, of course ask her directly is the most straight forward way to find out. Check for these sign and it may help you to find out.

She always looks for you during day time, this indicate that she is most likely to treat you as a long-term relationship partner and hopes to be with you. On the other hand if she is expecting to have sex with you, she is most likely to date you at night as this is the party time and may lead to her bedroom or hotel after party. Alcohol gives you the feel of more relax, and more likely end up with sex as both of you are relax and not so defensive.

Groupon. This can be a sign as well? Yes. When they always plan it in advance and make arrangement, reservation with you that means they are more potential in long term relationship. They are not seeing you as their last resort but reserve their time for you. If she calls you last minute to meet up and sure they just looking for someone to fill up their free time, it may not be something serious. Some of the girls may look for sex last minute and it happen to be with you, sure this is the kind of candidate for sex partner.

Facebook may give you a hint, you may know about it if they wrote something about you. They may not wrote it so straight forward but this, you have to figure it out. A lady who is serious in relationship and still they update their status that they are being with you, they are expecting a long term relationship from you. If the girl you hand out with is a party girl, their status update may just a show off of their life, a hang out with a handsome guy like you.

There are just some of the sign that can help you to find out, you still need to look at the whole picture to find out.