Sex & you

Sex & you

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Flirting with girls

Flirt is an art, it's sex with conversation. If you master this slightly well, you will have no problem getting into the next stage with girls. When you can make them feel sexy, they can be turn on even by just talking with you. This is what you call seduce, but not with your sexy look, with just your mouth. A good start with the conversation is like foreplay with words, it will help you to have a better sex later on. Of course, you don't look awful, try to make yourself presentable or at least the girls are comfortable to hang out with you. When you are flirting with a girl, the environment is important, you have to pick a nice place for you to have a nice chat with her. An alcohol drink can definitely help you to a lot, it may spice up the night and make your target girl more easy to open up with you.

When talking to her, you may talk about something that is more emotional like childhood memories, her passion, girls like that. It will open up her heart and easy to get into her mind. You may prepared the topic in advanced, try to take control of the conversation and lead it to where you want it. Girls like guys who can take control of the conversation. Take control of a conversation is like taking control of a good sex. Teasing is a good way to make the conversation fun and flirty, it is always good if you are out of words or the conversation is getting boring. Don't go too harsh on the topic especially it's something too personal, you don't want to ruin the night. You can make the conversation fun even it's not that funny, make her 'feel' it's fun and enjoy to be with you. Having a good conversation is like having a good sex as well. You have to compliment her but not too much, too much of it will make her feel that you want to impress her which may have an opposite effect.

Beware of her body language, they will give you a lot of hints about how she is feeling right now. Pay attention to them and you will know what to do next to overcome it. Women do like when you take the conversation to an intimate level, well if she don't react good with it then you know she is not prepared to have the intimate conversation with you. Don't be afraid that you look her in a sexual way, else you will just ended up in the friend zone.