Sex & you

Sex & you

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Better sex again from Esquire

We always discuss about better sex here. And today want to share with you some better sex tips from Esquire. It's quite similar to what we have discuss before, but I am going to share it again then you know how important it is.

You will be very familiar with this. Tell her she looks good and Taste good as well. When you tell her that she looks good, she will feel more comfortable and have a better mood for sex. It's important, sometimes the girls are not so confident with their body, if you tell them they look good they may feel better. When guys go down on his partner for oral sex, your compliment can help her to enjoy more.

Remember that we said that it's important to communicate if you want a better sex life? Yes, Esquire point it out that using your ears, ask them what they like and listen to it. They suggest that not to do it in the bedroom but discuss it some where else, this is gonna be exciting, it's like a foreplay outside the bedroom. It's gonna blow when both of you are in the room.

Touch her. Yes, you do know this, and touch her everywhere, with oil. Girls being touch and this will help them to get into the mood for sex. Touching her and it will release her hormones, raise their testosterone level and ignites her sex drive. This little adventure around her body will help you to have a passionate sex.

Take your time to undress, when you see stripper strip their dress off piece by piece, it's very tempting right? That's the point, don't rush to sex so soon, take your time, it will finally pay off. Make sure you don't smell bad, girls are sensitive to smell, if you have the time take a bath. You don't want to ruin a good sex just because you smell bad.

Remember that girls need to feel comfortable while having sex? If you want a better sex you have to help her to get into a more relax mood. Turn the lights down, candle lights may help to create a better environment. Studies also shows that when hug is more than 30 seconds, it will raise their anticipation for sex. It's not that hard to have better sex right?