Sex & you

Sex & you

Monday, August 5, 2013

New Born Baby Cause Low Sex Drive For Father

I think this is not a news for most of the parents, sure they have experience like this before. When there is a new born baby in the family, sure both of the parent's need time to learn how to take care the baby and get use to the life with a new member. There are a lot of research shows that there are low sex drive for mother but seldom research done on father. For women, their body have change so much since pregnant, now they have to worry about their body shape and some may feel depress as well. Breastfeeding is another new skill that they need to learn, do you even know that breastfeeding caused night sweat? Patience is needed when couples are going to enjoy sex again after delivery of the new baby.

For men, they may feel happy to be a father now. After back from work, they may feel exhausted to take care the children. It may lower their sex drive because of lack of time and energy, but most of the couples do resume their sex life after that. Physical habit may cause huge discomfort for sexual life. Most of the children will wake up at night and may wake the parents as well, it's a mental challenge as well. Read more about the article here at

Not many people have thoughts about sex life after the new member in the family, it takes lots of love, patient and responsibility to make the relationship strong. The working life and consuming behavior does give a lot of pressure to families now. People are so exhausted after back from work and now they need to take care the children. Financial pressure is another cause for low sex drive, sure parents will worry about the future when there are insufficient fund to raise the child. It's more challenging now to maintain a family now but still it's still worth the effort to do so.