Sex & you

Sex & you

Sunday, August 18, 2013

People have sex at least 4 times a week make more money

This is not from me, you can find this in Huffingtonpost. Research found that people have sex at least 4 times a week make more money. This is kinda Amazing and funny, do you feel the same? The first thing that appear in my mind is who the hell think about a research like this, I always amazed by the creativity and imagination of these researchers. So how they link between sex activity and income? Before we go further down with the topic, please be remind that the research doesn't link directly between sex activity with income.

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What the researchers actually do was analyse a year long survey with 7,500 greek households, guess that is quite a good research as it cover for a year long and involve with so many participant. The only doubt I have here is it covers only Greek households, what about other countries or culture. Different culture may have different outcome right? Regarding this research, the rational part is that people who have sex 4 times a week have a more satisfaction sex life, and they tend to be more happy in life as well. When happy people goes to work they are also more efficient or at least more with a positive mind set to do their job. So this make sense right?

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You may want to know what they actually ask in the survey form, they asked the participants how many times they had sex per week, whether they were employed, how much money they made and how many hours per week they worked, among other questions. Another thought that may explain why people tend to have higher income when having sex more. Higher income group may be more desirable in the market and they tend to have more opportunity to date. So now you can tell your partner that you should have more sex as it will increase the financial stability for the family, so you make love is for the sake of higher family income.