Sex & you

Sex & you

Monday, December 15, 2014

Diet and sexual health

The role of the diet in human life can’t ever be overstated. If you should take care of one thing in life, and one thing only, it would be what you put in your belly. The health impacts of eating certain types of foods can be dramatic. A person can vary from being tired all the time, unable to fall asleep, being nervous and cranky and making everyone’s lives miserable, to an upbeat, happy person that radiates vitality outwards. And this can all be determined by what type of food he consumes in his regular diet.

Now, the implications of consuming certain foods can be far and wide – and not the least, the sexual life can be seriously endangered if you decide to put bad foods in your body. Conversely, if you eat proper, health, nutritious foods then your sex life will flourish. You’ll feel better than ever, and have more horsepower to endure long sex liaisons. Wise men have once said the famous proverb “You are what you eat”. In other words, if you decide to eat hamburgers with French fries every day, with a beverage filled with sugar and empty calories, then you’ll tend to become slow, dim-witted, lazy and hopeless. The converse holds true as well.

For one thing, eating healthily will help stave off excess weight off of your body, and you’ll feel leaner and lighter as a consequence. Therefore you’can lasting longer in bed. Not to say the least, eating healthy foods will make you look better. And this health signal is always popular with the opposite sex. You’ll find out that potential partners will look forward to share a bed with you a lot more frequently.

Next, eating quality foods is good for the heart. As previously mentioned, a quality diet prevents obesity, and obesity is bad for the heart, making it have to work a lot harder for pumping the same amount of blood. So the effect is double! The combination of the vitamins and other nutrients in quality foods with the prevention of obesity will make your heart a lot more powerful than before. This will translate into your strength in bed. There are many other benefits of eating good foods that will help your sexual life and overcome erectile dysfunction.

So how do you go at it? Obviously, if you been eating burgers with fries and soda every day up until now, it would be very difficult to go cold turkey and start eating spinach and broccoli every day. It can make your willpower burn out, and one day you might find yourself in your local fast food restaurant gorging on burgers. So the sensible way is to ease your way in, changing your habit slowly but consistently over a set period of time so that your body has the time to adapt. But if you’re feeling ready to travel the hardcore road, and go cold turkey, then by all means it’s the best option. And finally, every food that’s minimally processed and natural, is healthy. Think of fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, seeds and nuts, and the likes. Don’t overthink it, and you’ll be fine.

If you pick the healthy way of eating, you’ll gain many benefits out of it, and improve your sex life.