Sex & you

Sex & you

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bad Sexual Habits

Are you one of those persons who are not very relaxed even when they make love in the dark? Or maybe your partner says that he had great sex once the act is finished, but you didn’t feel almost anything? If you know the “script” completely, it is good to mention that there are some things that can help you make changes that can lead to some incredible sexual intercourses. Over time people develop bad sexual habits that can influence not only for a better sexual life but their life in general.  Let’s analyze some of these habits.

1.       Well known scenario
Let’s be honest, most couples have few sex positions and they practice these positions all the time. But, remember that the best thing about sex is the fact that this act brings excitement and the things that are new are always exciting. Make a decision to stop using the same positions for a while and try something completely different. Start with buying new sexy lingerie and surprise your partner. Perform a lap dance and you will slowly recognize some new desires that will come in your mind and ideas for new sex positions.

2.       Leave the shyness out of your bed
Whether you are 25 or more than 35 years old, the fact is that the teenage days are long gone. You are grown, independent and happy women, so you should learn how to love yourself and your body. Self-confidence is not something that is visible only inside. It can be clearly seen on your external side so keep that in mind the next time you turn off the lights in the bedroom. While you are in the bed you can forget about the extra pounds on your waist, your small breasts or cellulite. In that moment you are the most desired woman in the world of your partner.

3.       Lack of communication
Communication in sex is essential. Partners very often get into a routine and sex is considered to be an act that is used to satisfy the partner. Do not let to be sucked in this routine. Take your time and think about yourself, your sexual pleasure and fantasies. Remember that you can have everything that you can imagine. Don’t be afraid to talk about your fantasies with your partner. Talk freely about the things that arouse you and make you feel satisfied. Of course, don’t forget that your partner has his own needs. That’s why a good conversation once in a while can help you get back on track and enjoy sex like you did in the beginning of your relationship.

4.       Don’t avoid quickies
Many women and men enjoy the foreplay. There is no doubt that this part of the sexual act is important and sometimes this is the key factor which can lead to tenderness and gentle sex. But, when your partner is filled with passion and transfers that passion to you, don’t hesitate to grab each other and have a passionate sex even if this means that you’ll miss the foreplay.