Sex & you

Sex & you

Thursday, February 19, 2015

How the Traction Device Works to Stretch Penis Size

Traction devices or so called penis extenders are basically the most common technique of penis enlargement. Enlarging the penis’ size naturally occurs in this case in reaction to the capacity of fabrics; to increase cell proliferation and elasticity when subjected to a continuous traction force.

The principle of traction has been widely used while performing plastic surgery for the expansion of tissues. The tissue regeneration is used to cover skin defects, burning and areas of hair loss. Moreover, the same principle is used in orthopedic surgery in order to stretch the diaphysis of long bones.

The answer to "how do I enlarge the penis?" is based more or less on the principle of traction in the same way that this principle is used in ancient cultures to other parts of the body as the "Giraffe Neck" - Women of Paduang tribe in Burma, or the lips and ears of other African tribes and even Amazon. External prostheses or weights for elongation are another clear example that supports the idea of increasing the penis naturally through traction devices.

What are the benefits of this method to increase penis size naturally?
·        Increasein penis size (length)
·        Increased thickness of the penis
·        Corrections to deviations or penile curvature
·        Improving your self-esteem and confidence
·        Premature Ejaculation Control
·        Improved strength and harder erection
·        Increased histamine and sexual desire

What can we say about the methods that teach how to increase the length and girth of the penis manually? In addition to being the method that boasts to have large volumes of positive testimonials, the great advantage is that this penis enlargement technique is noninvasive, does not put the physical and health at risk for its user. Methods that teach how to exercise to increase penis allow you to control the process and does not require medical supervision, provided that the procedures are followed without exaggeration as without this process it becomes a painful activity that could cause irreversible damage.

About enlarge the penis with medication use and other stretching exercise
The medicinal products to increase penis size involve risks. Obviously, when we talk about drugs, we also speak in medical care. It does not suffice the need for monitoring by a medical professional as most of these products are vasodilators, also will only work if accompanied by use of traction devices or mandatory exercises.

Increase Penile with Jelqing
The Jelq word refers to the ancient method of penis enlargement based on exercises and warm towels. Nowadays, stretching exercises done manually were replaced by stretching devices called extenders, while the technique remains the same. The most popular methods that teach to enlarge the penis with exercises based on this ancient technique of Jelqing. An extender device is placed around the flaccid penis and worn under clothing during the day time most extreme cases. Working things this way provide enough exercises to the penis using the extender as support to facilitate. This system has proven to be effective and has been known to provide awesome results if used for a long period of time.