Sex & you

Sex & you

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sexual fantasies – do you make your fantasies come true?

There is no doubt that every man and woman has sexual fantasies, but what to you dream about when you have these fantasies? Have you ever tried to make some of these fantasies come true? Do you talk about your fantasies with your partner or anyone else? Every adult had a sexual fantasy at least once in their lifetime and many people have these fantasies almost on a daily basis and there is nothing wrong with that because sexual fantasies are part of human sexuality.

Many sexologists describe sexual fantasies as sexual experience people have in their own imagination. This may be some memory of a certain sexual experience the person had or something that they have never experienced before but would love to see how it feels. Also, some sexual fantasies can arouse you while you think about them, but you know that if you feel them in reality you probably won’t enjoy in them. Some sexual fantasies are really simple, but there are sexual fantasies that can be very thoughtful and complex with a well-developed story, action and characters.
What is extremely important to remember is that sexual fantasies aren’t reality which means that it is perfectly safe to fantasize because it won’t have any effect and you will enjoy in it. Whatever you do in your sexual fantasy no one will blame you for infidelity or immorality. All those slightly perverted things are happening inside your head.

Even as children people learn to distinguish fantasy from reality and it is impossible for a sane person to confuse these two things. Therefore, people know that sexual fantasies are only fantasy. What is even more interesting is that most people wouldn’t like to experience those things in real life because of many reasons and these things won’t probably excite them in real life. For example, there are many people who sometimes have homoerotic fantasies, but this doesn’t mean that they are homosexuals.

However, sexual fantasies are still a very important part of sexual life because they provide additional stimulation and pleasure during masturbation or sexual intercourse with the partner. Sexual fantasies are a very important aspect of sexual excitement and sexual desire. These fantasies can create high sex drive and arousal and for some person only sexual fantasizing can lead them to intense orgasm.  

Certain beautiful fantasies can become reality, whether they occurred by chance or you and your partner have decided to join your forces and achieve them. Of course, the realization of fantasy can be very exciting for many people, especially when they can share and achieve them with their partner. However, it is good to mention that what you have in your mind can be fun and exciting but this doesn’t have to be right when we look at real life situations. If you don’t want to talk about your fantasies you don’t have to. But, if you want to share them (especially with your partner) you need to take few things into consideration especially if your fantasies involve more adults, certain types of injuries and rough play and if they include persons that you and your partner know.