Sex & you

Sex & you

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The secret of orgasm

These technique here can help you to give your girl a better orgasm, if you can help her to get better orgasm she is more willing to have sex with you without you asking for it. Once you master it and know how to give her orgasm then you will become the sex god.

Make her orgasm last longer. This will enhance her orgasm and prolong her orgasm. Girls' orgasm is different from men, they are able to have multiple orgasm. You can stimulate her and bring her to the edge of orgasm, make her hold it, back down a bit and increase the intensity again, she will have a longer orgasm.

Communicate with her, ask her how she feel when she is having an orgasm. Ask her to imagine the climax while you are having sex with her, instead of holding against it, ask her to follow the feeling and let it all out. She may feel shy about it as she may not look good and worry about how she look like. Let her know that you enjoy the sex and you like to look her having it. Don't be shy, let is all out and think dirty, you want her to become a bad girl tonight. This will help her to have a more powerful orgasm.

Make the orgasm again and again. As we have share so much previously, foreplay is always good for her in sex. If you put some effort for foreplay, give her an orgasm during foreplay then she may have another orgasm during sex more easily. Enjoy your sex.