Sex & you

Sex & you

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sex life after 50 is the best

You may not believe in what you read but it's an article that tells you why sex life at 50 is the best. I have my doubt with the article as well, I don't agree with some of the point, but some reasons does make sense. For example, it mention that at the age of 50, their pressure is much lesser. You may have lots of dream and target you want to achieve in life at age of 30, when you are almost retired, you may not need to worry so much and spend time with your partner rather than in the office. The pressure from work, finance is much lesser. At the age of 50, your children may graduated from college and you don't need to worry much about their expenses, you don't need to get a part time job just to pay their college fees. The time that you spend on work last time may now be your rest time and focus more with your partner.

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The article mention about self confidence may increase as you know more about yourself, I assume that the sex knowledge is better, and you know more about your body as well. But confidence, the physical part is going down, is it going to be more confidence than before? It depends on yourself as well, so since the physical part is not going to be good why not just improve your sexual performance by learning more about other technique and sex knowledge. The internet can always help you to learn all these knowledge about better sex.

At the age of 50, you have more time for yourself. You have no pressure from work and have more time for yourself, you can now spend more time with your partner to enjoy life more, I believe that it's one of the good quality for better sex. When you have more time to learn about sex knowledge, you have more time to learn about your partner, you won't need to rush for anything, and you have more time to learn about your own body, you are able to have more intense orgasm compare to your younger age.

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The only problem at senior age is lack of libido and sex drive, you may rest well and exercise more to keep your health.