Sex & you

Sex & you

Thursday, October 3, 2013

International Clitoris Awareness Week

Haha, do you know there is a International Clitoris Awareness Week? No? Don't worry you are not the only one here that do not have any idea how come there is a week for clitoris awareness. Does this awareness thing make you feel that men have no knowledge about clitoris at all? Well, for your own good or for your partner it's the best that we find out more about it. Clitoris and G spot is the most thing we talking about in our blog here. If you feel like your partner have no motivation for sex, it's best that you study more about it and gain the knowledge you need to give her the orgasm again.

You know, different women have different preference with sex. This clitoris awareness week main purpose is to let more people know about the existence of clitoris and this will help you to stimulate your partner. And some of the women feel good about clitoris but the g spot is the only thing that can give her orgasm, so you have to find out where is her g spot. If you think you can satisfy her sexual need by stimulate her g spot then you may find yourself frustrated when she don't like it at all, the g spot for her maybe her ear. Her ear is a sensitive area to make her high, but the ear I mentioned here is the word you use to make her exciting. An example here, you may try to stimulate her need for sex by telling her some naughty word through the phone. This may already stimulate her and boost sex drive even before you meet her, by the time you meet her she maybe in the mood for sex. Other than learning about the knowledge, you have to try and see her response, sometimes communication is the way to find out about how or where she prefer you to touch.

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If you are eager for better sex, this is a good chance for you to find out more about clitoris and g spot. The article is not only showing you where the spot is but teaching you how should you touch, stroke to give her the pleasure. Be humble to learn and you may give her the orgasm she wants. Check this article at AskMen.