Sex & you

Sex & you

Sunday, November 24, 2013

What women consider as good sex

If you want to score A in any subject, you have to know what your lecturer wants or what the subject required you to know. If you want her to feel good in sex, first of all you need to know what she wants and what she consider as good sex. There are some guidance here in this article that may give you some idea what they really wants in sex. It's something from a sex therapist whom talk about sex every single day so I guess he knows more than each one of us.

Think sex for women as a knob, not switch like men. An easy example they provide here is men are like motor vehicle auto transmission gear, just move the gear and you are there. Women are like baking cakes, your ingredient is right, oven is ok as well but the chef's experience to bake it is crucial. Think foreplay as a 24 hours thing in and out of the bedroom before sex. Sex is all about context. Feel a bit faint? Relax, just do whatever you can and things will be fine. You will need to make her feel relax and comfortable for sex, if you are too anxious about having sex then she won't be relax as well. A deep sense of relax and lack of anxiety can bring her orgasm.

We have mention in our previous post that different women have different preference towards sex, so you have to do some trial and error like what she like to do in sex. Some may like you to give her some oral sex, but some may be too sensitive and wants only your finger. Communication is a way to find out what she wants as well. Fantasy, if you are familiar with this you may try this in your bedroom. Read the article to find out more about it. During sex, you do something you are familiar with and what you are good at, I always share with our readers here that if you have premature ejaculation you can always use your finger to satisfy her and study shows that women enjoy oral sex more than real sex.

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If you are not good at oral sex or hand job, you may try to find out whether vibrator is something acceptable for her. Vibrator is more intense than your hand and mouth, so you can give her orgasm by just holding the vibrator for her and give her some kiss. Now everyone can be the king of sex. Let her come first then you will have yours more easily and satisfying for both parties. Once you give her the orgasm, you won't regret what she will give you in return. Check the article in AskMen.

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