Sex & you

Sex & you

Monday, July 14, 2014

Get couple counselling to strength and cure your relationship problems

Staying in a perfect relationship has its own difficulties and sunny days. If you have chosen your life partner, then you must be having a good life at the moment and expecting to keep enjoying life with your better half. But in some cases, the situation may alter and if may suddenly jump on a downhill movement in your wonderful relationship. For such moments, the best option is to get a couple counselling.

When should you approach a counsellor?
The most common problem that most of the modern day couples faces is the lack on time one is able to give to the other. We live in a very fast paced world. When we start a relationship, we are very much concerned and take very good care of it. In the future as you start getting busy with your work, future planning and other such thing, it might happen that you are unable to provide satisfactory sex. This creates cracks in the relation.
Other reasons may include the likes of certain misunderstanding, several family conflicts that keeps taking its toll on your relationship. Then there could be development of a feeling of being cheated or falling out of relation, which can make huge damages to your relation.

What to expect from a counsellor?
There is no strict method of counselling, it varies depending on the expertise of the practitioner. The most common method applied is getting your views of your partner. You must have must have certain liking and disliking about your partners features and characteristics. There are some characteristics that you should start liking in order to continue the relationship. Some other characteristics would be there which your partner can change to make you more comfortable.

Another thing that is focused, is what you want from life. Different peoples have different goals in life and the way they want to achieve it. It is not necessary that your partner has to love that goal, but should not be against it or the method you would use. Use goals and differences would be analysed to get the best advice for what you should be going in the future to make the sexual relationship better.

What to expect after you have gone through the sessions?
There can be different effects that the sessions will have in your relationship. It would depend on what you want from the relationship, what your counterpart wants and the extent to which you would like to compromise and be in this relationship.

·         Emotional expression –
The counselling improves the way and frequency at which you express your truest feeling to your other half for him or her to understand how you feel. More you keep to yourself, the more you are moving away from the relationship.
·         Promotes strength –
It points out the strengths of the relation and how you can maintain and making bigger with each passing day.
·         Better communication –
It also makes your ability to express everything and communicate about everything to your partner without any hesitation.

If you are wondering, you are in need to a counselling, do not wait too long as you never know when your partner would run out of patience. Counselling can also make your sex life and relationship better.