Sex & you

Sex & you

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Simultaneous Orgasm

A lot of couples consider simultaneous orgasm to be something extraordinary but unreachable at the same time.  Other couples confirm from their own experience that simultaneous orgasm is completely possible. You just need to master the real techniques and know your partner well in bed. There is even a third category of people who claim that although simultaneous orgasm is possible but it is a myth and fantasy that this type of orgasm is something incredible or our of the ordinary. They describe simultaneous orgasm as something that requires a lot of efforts in order to get a small prize. It doesn’t really matter if the simultaneous orgasm is something incredible or something that is almost same as regular orgasm but the fact is that it is possible to reach simultaneous orgasm. In order to reach simultaneous orgasm you should first eliminate all those movies that you have ever watched where couples almost always reach simultaneous orgasms. This is something that cannot happen in a matter of minutes. You shouldn’t spend much time analyzing your orgasm either. This can only cause counter effects.

To be honest, we should look at simultaneous orgasm not like something divine, but rather as enrichment to our current sexual life. You should certainly not be disappointed if you can achieve such an intense orgasm and you should not focus all your energy to achieve it.

One of the main reasons why simultaneous orgasms are rare is because of the average time men and women need to achieve orgasm. Many women already have problems reaching orgasm and achieving it so fast like their partners is almost impossible for them. Another obstacle is the sex positions. You can rarely find sex positions that provide the same level of excitement for both partners. This is one of the reasons why there so many sex positions and why people usually try few positions during one sexual intercourse.  

So many people are wondering - what is the best and easiest way to reach simultaneous orgasm. Sex is often described as a game with certain rules. You don’t want to use shortcuts in this game at least not if you aim to be successful. If you don’t find time for foreplay and/or the man cannot hold his ejaculation for long time you won’t be able to reach simultaneous orgasm. So first of all, both partners should learn how to restrain themselves. This rule especially applies for men. One of the most obvious signs that a man is near his orgasm is when his testicles tighten up toward the penis. When the woman notices this sign she should push gently her man in order to give him a sign in case he doesn’t notice.

Choosing the right sex position can also be very helpful for this process. The most important thing is to find a position where the woman has free access to her clitoris so she can stimulate it in case she can’t achieve orgasm at the same time with her man.