Sex & you

Sex & you

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Few reasons why some people don’t have enough sex

If the lack of sex is on a level that starts to make you worried, maybe it’s time to find out what the core of this problem is. Of course, there is more than one reason for this unpleasant situation, so take your time do a research and maybe you will be able to solve your problem without asking for help.

One of the most common causes for lack of sex is stress. Because of the fast paced and fulfilled everyday life many couples just don’t have enough energy for intimate moments at the end of the day. Some couples find themselves living as roommates after a while. They only share responsibilities together (like bills and some tasks around the home) while the sex and the intimacy are completely gone. If stress is the reason for lack of sex in your relationship, it’s time for you and your partner to reorganize your time. If you in a middle of some really busy period try to schedule at least one evening that will be reserved just for the two of you.

Many people take their partners for granted and this is exactly why they have infrequent sexual intercourses. This feeling is usually developed after a period in which sex life became boring, lazy, full of obstacles and bad experiences. This is the moment when you both need to remember that sexual pleasures are one of the basic needs of human beings and that these pleasures can be fulfilled in the easiest and in the best way with the person we love and the person who completely understands our needs. This is of course our partner and not some stranger.

Lack of sexual desire is another reason that leads to lack of sex. This situation is usually linked with couples that have long relationship behind them. It is important to understand that this lack of interest is not because some of the partners have changed his appearance (gaining weight for example) but because people start to forget some small details like applying perfume, shaving, depilation, sexy underwear and some other things that were used in the past and that surely increased the sexual desire. This is a process of continual re-conquering of the heart of your loved one so don’t forget that.

In many cases, the moments spend in bed transform from love to routine. This is not something unusual but if one of the partners notices that it’s better to start conversation so both of them can find a solution. Keeping these things in you won’t help anyone. There is nothing unusual to talk about your sexual desires with your partner so don’t be afraid or embarrassed to start a conversation like that.

Frequent quarrels between partners usually cause decreased sexual activity but they can lead to wild sex too. Quarrels that are solved and both partners admit their mistakes lead to great sex. If the quarrels are not solved and they happen very often the partners should seek help from professional therapists.