Sex & you

Sex & you

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What caused Low Sexual Drive

Low Sexual Drive is very common in female group, though there is an increasing number in male group as well. Low sex drive is a problem of hypoactive sexual desire disorder. In the mild case of low sex drive, it can be not interest to have sex during period, and some of the mild case may be they are not long to have sex or love making but they enjoy sex and orgasm at the same time. The extreme case of low sex drive may feel that sex is ugly and disgusting. You may need to consult a doctor if you have these symptoms.

There are a lot of reasons that may affect your body and mind that cause the low sex drive. The relationship problem between partners can cause low sex drive as well, if there are some conflict and uncertainties in relationship, they may have difficulties to find their interest in sex. The stress from family, working place can cause the problem as well. The working environment is getting more stressful and depress, it is affecting us in all aspect of live, it's very common case that it affect our quality of life and not to mention our sex life. Some of the time, the stressful live we have now is affecting our sleep, insomnia and lack of sleep will affect our quality of live and sexually as well.

If it's the body, it may cause by the medicine that you are taking lately, the Hormonal change in body like pregnancy, after child birth, breast feeding may cause low sex drive. Common medication like antidepressants and birth control pills interfere with sex drive, arousal and orgasm by affecting the balance of sexual hormones and the transmission of chemical messengers. wrote that menopause affects sexual desire by decreasing lubrication, lowering estrogen and testosterone levels, and other changes in the sexual response cycle. Numerous nonsexual diseases can cause HSDD, added Mayo Clinic. These include arthritis, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease and neurological diseases.

If the medications are the cause of hypoactive sexual desire disorder, then just change it to the pills with fewer site effect. Try to find out the problem that caused low sex drive then you can solve the problem easily.