Sex & you

Sex & you

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Have a sneaky sex

Some of you guys may still staying with your family and some of you may be a student, if you are going home with your love one and it may not be convenient to have sex. We just want to share some of the idea here that you may use it to sneak in sex in between, oh, am I being a devil here? If your parents are open that your boyfriend or girlfriend to stay overnight, then late night sex is the best for you, but keep it quiet. You know it's very quiet at late night, you don't want to wake your parents up in the middle of the night. Lock the door as well, you don't want them to see you both naked on the bed. It will be a very exciting sex as you guys will worry that someone is going to knock on the door anytime, it will be a hot and spicy sex. When both of you have to keep it quiet, you can't moan in the middle of love making, it will make other senses of yours stronger.

Do you have a bathroom in your bedroom? Yes? Oh my, you are lucky, you can have yourself a shower sex, you can feel how sexy it can be by just listen to it right? And sex in the bathroom are more saucy and super hot, the feeling can be very different from your own bedroom. If your shower can be detach from the wall, point the shower at her clitoris and you can go in from behind. You can imagine how satisfy she can be, but remember to ask her the water temperature that she is comfortable with.

Your parents may have some groceries that may need your help, this is a very good chance for you to sneak out without any excuse. After that it's a very good chance for you to have car sex, another scene that you can watch in the porn very often and it's always something that you should try before you die. If you have a big van then it can be a mobile room for you, go to some where that is remote and the sky is all yours.

Some of the ideas here may need more time, if your time is short then make the sex short, save the foreplay. Can it be done? Yes, you may seduce him or her the whole day, tease them, and let them having the mood for sex long before you get into the bedroom. Some very creative way to do that, you may even text them some very secy message even they are just in front of you. By the time you are in the bedroom, she is all prepared for sex.