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Sex & you

Friday, January 31, 2014

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men

Commonly referred to as impotence, erectile dysfunction (ED) has largely been associated with men over 40 years. Indeed, diagnosis of ED and related premature ejaculation has largely been diagnosed in that age group. The situation may however be different. According to a study analysis published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, the number of younger men diagnosed with the condition may be higher than that of men over 40 years. It may be that the number of young men with the condition is misrepresented or incorrect diagnosis.

Just like with men over 40 years, young men who are sexually active and diagnosed with the condition develop inability to attain full penile erection necessary for satisfactory sexual performance. For men who manage to attain harder erection, such is usually weak, which makes penetration difficult. Although some men diagnosed with ED do attain full erection, they suffer premature ejaculation, which is release of semen before attaining climax during sexual performance. Studies by physician-scientists at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital indeed reveal that of men diagnosed with ED, 65% do fail to achieve orgasm with 35% experiencing premature ejaculation.

While causes of erectile dysfunction in older men relate to aging process, causes of the same in young men are varied. Most are actually not causes but risk factors associated with the occurrence of the condition.

Unhealthy Diet
Diet plays a very important role in the development of the whole body. It is through a healthy diet that the body receives vital nutrients. Young men who fail to receive a healthy diet particularly during childhood and in their teenage years do experience a number of health problems including erectile dysfunction. This occurs due to the fact that lack of particular nutrients hinders proper development of nervous system, which affects the nerves that supply the penis with blood.

Unhealthy Lifestyle
Unhealthy lifestyle common with most youth is a high risk in development of erectile dysfunction and the associated premature ejaculation. Heavy smoking, illicit drug use and excessive alcohol intake impact negatively on vital body processes. Smoking in particular introduces into the body dangerous chemicals including nicotine that impact negatively on a man’s reproductive system. Young men diagnosed with the condition also exhibit low body index and increased levels of testosterone in their blood.

Dangerous Activities
There are play and sport activities that are dangerous without appropriate clothing. Teens who engage in such activities without wearing appropriate clothing that protect the groin area end up damaging nerves in the area, increasing the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Cause of ED and associated premature ejaculation is not restricted to above indicated causes/risks. The condition can also be inherited although such cases are very minimal. Cases where young men are diagnosed with ED is already causing a lot of concern in many countries. It is indeed causing worries because research at Australian National University and results published in PLOS Medicine show that occurrence of ED at a young age increases the risk of heart disease and premature death even among those who have never been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease.