Sex & you

Sex & you

Monday, June 16, 2014

How can sex improve your health and extend your lifespan?

Sexuality is a topic that is in the focus of many scientists for many years and in the past few decades we’ve found a lot more about sex and sexuality that we have known throughout our whole history. These researches have confirmed one thing that was believed to be true for many centuries – sex is very healthy. Regular sexual intercourses strengthen muscles, reduce the possibility of heart attack, improve blood flow etc. Regular sexual intercourses also act as analgesics and anti-depressants, promote relaxation and have positive impacts on our overall appearance and condition.

According to some experts sex can extend our lifespan up to ten years. There is no doubt that sexually inactive people die long before those who practice sex regularly. The risk of sudden death is as twice as lower in people that have experienced orgasms at least two times a week compared to those who have experienced orgasms twice in a year. People who can manage to achieve at least one hundred orgasms per year can expect extension of their lifespan of up to eight years and reduce the mortality risk for 50%. These numbers are really impressive and most importantly proven by experts.

As you probably know, when you practice sex, the brain releases large quantities of endorphin (so-called “hormone of happiness”). This hormone reduces stress levels and boosts mood. Another hormone that is released during sex is oxytocin. Right before the intense orgasm, we have five times more oxytocin in our body and this leads to release of endorphin. These hormones are known to help with headaches, migraines, arthritis etc. The benefits of sex are not felt only during the sex. Sexual intercourses strengthen the bond between partners, improve self-confidence, and encourage positive thinking and optimism. Regular sex can also improve your sleeping habits.

Sex is just like sport or some other physical activity because we spend a lot of energy while doing it. According to some studies people burn more than 400 calories during one sexual intercourse. You can easily compare this with some physical activity like running for one hour. Sex activates all our muscles and it is especially useful for the gluteal muscles, pelvis, thigh and abdominal muscles. Instead of going to a gym every day you can skip a session and have sex. A woman’s body produces two times estrogen during sex which leads to synthesis of collagen. Collagen is very useful when it comes to skin and hair quality. Sexual intercourse also causes increased secretion of pheromones that subconsciously attracts the opposite sex. In this way you will look more attractive and you will boost your self-confidence.

The heart is one of the most important organs in our body. During sex, the heartbeat rapidly increases (in some cases this rate is even doubled). This means that sex is good cardio training. If you manage to have sex two or three times in a week you will halve the possibility of a heart attack.