Sex & you

Sex & you

Friday, June 20, 2014

Should people shave the pubic hair area?

Smooth and aesthetically good looking or natural looking…there are many reasons why we should or should not shave the pubic hair.

There are many reasons why men and women practice intimate shaving, but they are usually aesthetic in their core. Modern adult movies promote girls and guys that are clean-shaved and this is currently accepted as an ideal in our society when it comes to intimate beauty. Nowadays, if someone says that he likes a natural look in adult women; other people consider that man to be fetishist or stuck in the 70s. This trend of shaving has influenced women of all ages. Even sexually inactive teenagers do it under the influence of their surroundings. Pubic hair was once considered to be a sign of maturity and today every woman is trying to get rid of this unwanted hair.

In the recent years we are witnessing another trend that never existed – men shaving their pubic hair area. The reason behind this shaving goes deeper than their partner’s wishes. Men have few reasons why they think shaving pubic hair area is acceptable or non-acceptable. Some of them avoid shaving because they consider this type of shaving to be feminine and consider those who shave their pubic hair to be less masculine. Another category of men shave their intimate area because they think that they can visually increase the length of their manhood. This is partially true and according to some studies, this type of shaving visually increases the appearance of the penis for around 0.8 inches. Men are really different from women because they usually don’t speak about their intimate area with other men, so rarely any man can comment the appearance of some other man’s penis or testicles.

Men and women in many cases consider shaving of pubic hair to be more hygienic. This judgment is usually based on the feeling that the smell that comes from this area is more intense when the hair is not removed. But the truth is that the hygiene doesn’t depend on shaving or not shaving, it depends on showering and cleaning. In fact, the hair around our genitals has a buffer role – they don’t allow direct contact between the underwear and our skin and this is a really important thing. There are many dangerous substances, potential allergens and other unknown substances that are part of the underwear and they can cause a lot of troubles with our sensitive skin and our reproductive system in general. After all, if this pubic hair doesn’t have any function, evolution would have eliminated them a long time ago. The scent that comes from our intimate area is a mixture of pheromones and they cannot be compared with any artificial smell.

There are some objective reasons why we should shave the pubic hair, like having more enjoyable oral sex. However, this reason has another side. For example, massaging your forehead and your scalp don’t provide the same feeling. It’s the hair that makes the scalp massage more intensive and more pleasant. The same thing applies for oral sex.