Sex & you

Sex & you

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Is Sex Only A Pleasure For Men?

For many, sex is just a pleasure. They feel that it gives you some enjoyment and then relaxation. That’s all about sex. However, studies and experience both says that sex is not only about getting pleasure but much more than that. For adults making love is good for health and their different body parts and making love on regular basis is even better. Having a good sex with your partner will not only allow to a sound sleep, but would also burn calories. Apart from these basic reasons there are many other reasons why one should have sex

Improves cardiovascular health
Proper sex improves your cardiovascular muscles and hence, a recent study states that those men who have sex at least twice a week are less prone to a heart attack than those who have it only once a month.

Increases immunity
When you make love regularly then the level of immunoglobulin A-the immune boosting antibody, increases. Thus the immunity of your body too increases and you become stronger against common illness like fever, cold and cough.

Relieves pain 
Many people make excuses that they are having headache, in order to avoid sex. Having sex would rather help your body in reducing the pain as when you are having intense orgasm, the level of oxytocin, a hormone increases by about five times. It helps in reduction of aches and pains.

Reduces stress 
Stress has become a part of human life and everybody is stressed. However, spending some quality time with your partner in the bed would help you reduce stress and live a better life. Having sex with your partner not only boost up your spirit but also improves your mood, thus reducing the level of stress. You can handle stress more confidently and be a happy person.

Promotes longevity
During orgasm, a hormone named dehydroepiandrosterone is released by the body. This hormone mainly improves the immunity, repairs different tissues and keeps the skin healthy. Thus, it is found that men having orgasm twice a week lives longer than men who have orgasm rarely. Thus, those men who want to live healthier and for longer period must have orgasm at least twice a week.

Increases blood circulation
When you are busy playing with your mate. Your heart operates faster. As your heart rate is increased you supply more fresh blood to your different organs and cells. Thus, with removal of used blood different toxins from your body too is removed. Hence, you would feel more rejuvenated after having good sex.

Improves overall fitness 
When you sleep just after having sex you feel much better and the sleep too is a relaxed one. Waking up from this kind of sleep keeps your body fit and healthy and you can make out full from the day. Moreover, regular sex burns around 80 calories thus having sex would let you stay fit and maintain your figure.

Thus, it cannot be said that sex is just a pleasure for men. With proper sex, a man can live a better sex life