Sex & you

Sex & you

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How to take care of your private parts while on vacation?

People make a lot of preparations before they go on a summer vacation. They often bring all kinds of items and in many cases many of those items are completely unnecessary. But what most of them forget is that we should take care of our sexual health and private parts before and while we are on vacation. 

Those who are planning to go in some hot areas should be especially careful because most popular tourist destinations usually have ideal climate for bacteria procreation which can result in some serious infections. That’s why before you go on a summer vacation you should make a well organized plan for intimate hygiene that will protect you from your long, hot journey.
First and foremost check your underwear. Manufacturers today produce underwear made of different materials (some of them are natural and some are artificial). If you are planning to go in some place where the weather is hot then the best option is to wear underwear made of cotton. 

Unlike underwear made of synthetic material, cotton underwear has strong anti-bacterial properties. They tend to soak the sweat which occurs because of the hot weather. Remember to change your underwear regularly. Changing your underwear once a day is a good routine. In this way you can be sure that you are providing ideal amount of freshness and cleanness for your private parts. If you are used to wear daily pantiliners should take a break from them at least while they are on vacation. They are made of synthetic material and no matter how good air flow they provide they are still potentially dangerous for the skin in your vaginal area.

Products for intimate hygiene are very important for sexual health and that’s why they should be part of the necessary items in your bag. Make sure you buy some wipes for intimate hygiene. Thanks to these wipes you can freshen up your private parts especially if the trip is long or in case you are on some excursion where there is no access to water. Depending on your skin type choose wipes with suitable pH levels. These wipes are not suitable for children. Because of the change of climate, environment and water occurrence of fungal or other infections is very probable so take a shampoo for intimate hygiene. These shampoos are very helpful and once again make sure you buy one with appropriate pH level. Besides these medical products you can also make your own home remedy by using sugar-free yoghurt. You can apply this yoghurt on your private parts and keep it for a while. This remedy is highly efficient against fungus.   

If you are planning to stay longer then you will certainly experience a menstrual period while on vacation. Carrying tampons and pantiliners is a must. Of course you can find these items in most stores around the world but it is always good to be cautious.

Finally, if you are going on your summer vacation without a partner, try to avoid sexual intercourses with strangers. But if you still want to do that, make sure that you practice safe sex.