Sex & you

Sex & you

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sexual Performance Anxiety

Men always have some pressure of sexual performance, the mindset and thinking that is in the society makes them believe that they should have thoughts like this. Examples are as follow:

-can always get an erection.
-should initiate sex.
-always want sex.
-should be in control.
-give women mind-blowing orgasms.
-should have a big penis, and if they don’t, they are inadequate.
-should know what to do in the bedroom.
-should succeed.
-should hide any feelings of inadequacy or vulnerability

All these believes makes men so worried and always thinking different ways to improve sex life and sometimes they worry too much that it affect their sexual performance. They need to know that sex itself is an activity that involve 2 parties and it depends on both parties to have a good sex life. If you are worry about things like this on the bed, how are you going to enjoy sex? Like what we have discuss before, sex depend on 2 person, it require communication, different people have different preference, you can't bring all your previous experience to expect it works perfectly in current relationships. Communicate and learn is a process.

-Ask your partner to caress you, and say how you would like to be touched.
-Consciously breathe during sex.
-Say yes when you want to.
-Say no when you want to.
-Have sex only when you want it.
-Self-pleasure (masturbate) slowly.
-Fantasize when you self-pleasure.
-Touch yourself all over, and notice where it feels good.
-Talk about sex with your partner.
-Have a sexual experience with your partner without having intercourse.
-Touch your partner’s body for your own pleasure.
-Take care of your body.

There are some creative ways for you to improve sex life with your partners here. Yes, masturbate is good sometimes as it helps you to learn more about yourself, it's a way to learn about yourself. There is no shy to masturbate. Know about your body, know where is your sensitive area, you can let your partner know about it and they will know how to pleasure and satisfy you. Foreplay is a very good way to learn about your partner's body, and we have mention many time that girls do enjoy a lot during foreplay. Most of them enjoy it more than sex itself. Learn about their body and you can make them orgasm in no time and sure they will give you a very good response.