Sex & you

Sex & you

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sex Advice

I had share with you that a sex text is always a good foreplay even when they are not in front of you. This can help them to be in the mood for sex before you even start foreplay. It's a good way to stimulate your partner if you are in a rush, a quickie. You will hope that your partner is enjoying sex even it's a quickie, everyone is hoping they can have a better sex life, and only some text message can help you to make the sex better, isn't it amazing?

Text flirting is one of the foreplay, so if you can make a good foreplay, you will have better sex. Don't think that this texting thing won't help you. Go for it.

There are some samples here that can help you, it's from Red Book Mag. I'm sure you can search online for more flirty text message to turn your partner on when he or she is still working. The text messages here are some examples, and it's from her to him, guys you have to come up with your own.

-"I'm trying on bras but I need a second opinion."
-"Waiting for you at home: beer, chips, and best of all, me!"
-"You, last night. #makingmeblushtoday"
-"Tonight's plan: making you appreciate chocolate as much as I do. You'll see."
-"Picked up a surprise for after the kids go to sleep. I think we need to move up their bedtime for tonight."
-"I found my cheerleading outfit. It still fits."
-"My thoughts are unusually R-rated today. I can't imagine why…"
-"So, I'm really learning a lot at that pole dancing class…"
-"This text message is a gift certificate for one move of your choice tonight. Present it at the door."
-"No kids. No panties. No rules."

The best thing about these sex messages, it takes you not more than 5 second to read it. Can we say that you may turn him on in 5 seconds? Remotely! Girls don't worry that your body is not in shape, your breast is not the same size, guys won't be able to notice that when they are having sex with you. Of course you can always improve yourself to have better sex, but don't give yourself too much pressure during sex. You may do all these in your daily life. Not in shape? Do some exercise, have a jog, find something that you enjoy so you won't feel the pain while working out. My friend will turn on the music and dancing while she is cleaning the floor.