Sex & you

Sex & you

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Why do people have sex?

Came across an article research why people have sex, omg, I though it's in our blood? And people still setup  research to find it out. Sex is a need of all kind of animals, right? The report seems to make sex more reasonable by saying that our brain and body are design to motivate us to have sex more. Even that we are not design the way it is, we are born for it. I think that's why we have 2 kind of sexes since we exist, male and female.

And sex can do so much of good to you, well let me come out with some reason to make sex better. Sex burns calories, I bet this is one of the most interesting way to burn calories, do you know that even kissing can burn calories as well? What else? Having sex makes your mood better, you will have a more pleasant day when you have satisfying sex, right? Sex does reduce stress, and this kind of entertainment is much better than other, it's free, ok if you have a partner. You prefer to have sex or movie or even a football match?

" said that many people engage in sex for the sensory experience, the wide range of physical and emotional pleasures that a person can derive from sexual activity. Part of the glue that holds longtime love together is sex" Ha, now only I know that dummies site also talk about sex. The sensory experience, the need of being hug and feel of being care and love. I guess that's the emotional pleasures means here. Sex is also one of the main factor that helps to make the relationship stronger, sex is something that can't be miss from a romantic relationship.

Having babies, is it a good thing or bad thing? It really depends on you, but luckily most of us still love to have our own children, I guess babies is one of the good thing about sex. Sex can improve social status and a kind of revenge as well? The social status it means here is to become popular, the only thing that I can think of it is using sex as a tool to become a star. And revenge? That is a very bad way to revenge, sex as a revenge?