Sex & you

Sex & you

Sunday, April 20, 2014

How to choose proper protection against pregnancy?

Choosing the right method against unwanted pregnancy can be a very difficult task since there are several types of protection. The best thing to do is answer some questions that will help you determine which type of protection is the best for you. If you don’t plan to conceive, before you make the decision it is necessary to see all the negative and positive aspects of some knows methods of birth control. Whatever method you choose, make sure you do it properly.

-         Will that method prevent sexually transmitted diseases?
If you are worried about STDs, you should know that using a condom is the only method that can guarantee you almost total protection against all types of STDs (HIV for example). A condom is a perfect option for those who don’t know their partner well. Women who are changing partners very often and have problems with infections should definitely choose a condom.

-         How would I feel during the sexual intercourse?
This is another legitimate question. People should enjoy sex and certain contraception methods can be very convenient. Make sure you are not allergic to latex if you want to use a condom and also make sure that you are not uncomfortable with the idea of inserting items in your vagina as birth control methods (intrauterine devices for example).

-         Do I want a child in the future?
Since there are permanent and temporary methods of contraception, you should decide whether you want to have kids in the future or not. If you are not very sure always choose a temporary contraception method. Most people avoid permanent contraception methods because it is usually an irreversible method.

-         Will it be difficult to use that method?
Some contraception methods are much easier to use compared to others. For example, a condom is much more practical compared to intrauterine device. Before you decide which method you will use consider all these reasons and find the one that will make you more comfortable.

-         How can an unwanted pregnancy affect my life?
Imagine if you get pregnant after the sexual intercourse and think about how you would feel. Would you feel devastated and would it ruin all your plans for the future? Those who have a stable relationship an don’t want kids at the moment might find unwanted pregnancy not that tragic. That’s why they can use methods that are not that efficient and in most cases those methods are more comfortable.

-         How efficient is a certain method?
Although most of the contraception methods are very efficient there is no method that can guarantee you 100% safety except maybe if you don’t practice sex. That’s why you need to be very serious when you are choosing a contraception method. Methods that are permanent are usually the most efficient. But of course they are more difficult and serious than other methods.

-         Can my medical condition affect my choices?

Although almost every contraception method is designed to suit every person regardless of his or hers medical condition, consult your doctor before you use some method that you might find risky for your health.