Sex & you

Sex & you

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Menstruation And You Sex Life

Women have to deal with menstruation in large part of their lives. Consciously or unconsciously menstruations’ scope, pace and timing plays incredibly important role in hormonal changes. The start of menstruation gives a feeling of excitement to some women while others feel depressed and sad because they didn’t manage to become pregnant. During this period a lot of women begin introspection. This is a period when a woman spends more time for herself and her body.

Medically speaking, menstruation represents a cyclical peeling of the uterine mucosa in cases when pregnancy didn’t occur. In these cases the menstrual blood doesn’t appear clotted and the blood is a little bit darker than the blood that can be seen from some other wounds on our body. What exactly is a normal cycle? That is a cycle that is stable and a cycle in which the menstrual bleeding occurs every 21 to 35 days and lasts up to seven days. The stability of the cycle is affected by many factors such as age, everyday living rhythm, lifestyle, level of stress and the amount of body fat. Did you know that an average woman bleeds around 2000 days during her life? That is around 400 menstrual cycles or around six years. Women’s menstrual rhythm is often aligned with the lunar rhythm. In these cases her ovulation starts during full moon and the bleeding starts with the new moon rhythm. Because of the hormone secretion (salivary glands, sweat) women that live in the same household usually have synced menstrual cycles.

Women, who accept menstruation as a natural process, will soon realize that they are not physically sick and non-reproductive during that period. Sexuality does not disappear during the menstrual cycle; on the contrary, sexuality exists if we strip away all the cultural barriers about the “dirt” of menstrual blood. Self awareness and awareness of the partner about bodily fluids, their color, appearance and smell will allow normal sexual intercourse. Of course we must be aware of the fact that the sexual intercourse can’t be the same during the menstrual cycle but that doesn’t have to stop us from having sex. Some women even have increased libido during this period and avoiding sexual intercourses can be very frustrating especially if we know that there is no reason to avoid them.

If you are planning to have sex during your period with a relatively unknown man, you should know that the possibility of getting infections and STDs during menstruation is significantly higher. This comes as a result of the bleeding that is happening in the vagina and the blood is a perfect place for microorganisms to procreate. That’s why it is very important to check your partner and use protection.  Also, remember to keep your hygiene on a high level during this period. Regularly change your tampons every six hours. You should also take baths and showers in order to avoid possible complications especially after a sexual intercourse. Use underwear made of cotton and change it regularly.