Sex & you

Sex & you

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tips to improve your sexual health

A lot of people think that if they are using protection and they are frequently performing STD tests that they have done everything they can for their sexual health. Of course, these things are important but there are few other tips that can help you a lot to determine and improve your sexual health.

Those who want to take care of their sexual health and keep it on a high level should always know their situation in the genital area. This means that you should often explore your intimate zone. In order to keep your sexual and reproductive health in good shape, you must observe and explore it. According to some experts you should check this area every month and if you notice some unusual changes a visit to a doctor is the right thing to do.

They way you are taking a bath can significantly affect your sexual health. Try to avoid perfumed soaps, gels and very hot water. A simple mild soap made of natural ingredients and lukewarm water will get the job done. All those scents from perfumed soaps and gels could lead to vaginal irritations and vaginal dryness and hot water can also impact the moisture in the vagina too. After all, who needs a vagina that smells perfectly if it is very dry?

As you can see dryness can negatively affect the whole sexual act and that’s why you also need to pay attention to the way you dry your intimate area. The best way to do it is if you dry only the upper part of the vagina. Of course we are talking about mons pubis, the area where the hair grows. The inner part should be left to dry in a natural way. This inner part must carry moisture and you shouldn’t feel irritation when you are walking. Because of this humidity you are able to enjoy sex.

Many women think that their vaginas should have pleasant smell and often but products that guarantee that their genital area will smell good. Keep in mind that a healthy vagina doesn’t have any special scent. If you are clean and you don’t have any infection or other complication you don’t need to use those perfumed products. In fact, these products can cause damage instead of helping you. They only have short effects and after that you will have to deal with their side effects. In many cases you will end with some infection.

Every time you suspect that you are suffering from some infection consult your doctor. A lot of women think that they can perform self-diagnosis and buy medications unsuitable for their situation. There are different types of infections that require different treatment. Many of them share the same symptoms such as burning sensation, irritation and itching but they are not the same.

Using lubricants during the sexual intercourse is a great idea. You can use condoms with lubricants or specialized lubricants. These lubricants are good because they reduce the chances of a broken condom and they also reduce the chances of damages to the vagina during the intercourse. If you decide to use lubricants try the ones based on water or silicone.

Use these tips to improve your overall health and achieve complete sexual health.