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Sex & you

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Vaginal tablets for treatment of diseases

Vaginal tablets have proven to be a very effective tool for eliminating various fungal infections that occur in the vagina. However, it is good to know that there are different types of vaginal tablets from different manufacturers that can be used for various diseases, infections, illnesses and some of them can be used as a contraceptive too.

They work in a very simple way. Vaginal tablets or cones are placed inside the vagina and once they are dissolved, their content affects the sources of the problems that appear in women. So what exactly do these vaginal tablets contain? As we have mentioned before there are several types of vaginal tablets so we will list what some of them include – antiseptics, lactic acid, milk sugar, estriol, lactobacilli, antifungals, antibiotics and few other ingredients or a combination of these ingredients.   

These vaginal tablets are recommended by doctors in certain cases. Depending on the type of the vaginal tablets they are mostly recommended in these cases:
-          To restore the vaginal flora that was destroyed after fungal infection
-          To restore the usual vaginal flora that was violated after antibiotic use
-          For treatment of menopausal problems
-          For treatment of recurrent infections of the vagina
-          In some cases of hormonal disorders (especially in younger women)
-          Against burning and itching in the vagina
-          Against vaginal dryness
-          For pain during the sexual intercourse
-          For treatment of various vaginal infections
-          For treatment of candida (fungus)
-          For treatment of trichomoniasis
-          For prevention of sepsis
-          For achieving asepsis before any kind of gynecological interventions

As you can see the list is long and the effects of vaginal tablets can be helpful in various situations.

It is good to know that, just like many other medications, vaginal tablets have side effects that can appear in certain cases. For example, these cases include - over sensitivity of the metabolism to a certain substance and presence of ulceration. Also a lot of young women reported side effects while using vaginal tablets. These tablets can cause side effects in people that are suffering from some malignant diseases as well as people suffering from endometriosis. If any side effects occur patients are advised to consult with their doctor immediately.

These vaginal tablets work after they are dissolved so keeping them in a relatively cold space is a must. They dissolve inside the vagina on a certain temperature so if you leave them outside exposed to higher temperatures there is a high probability that they will dissolve.

Using vaginal tablets is not something that you should do on your own. They can be used only on the recommendation of a gynecologist. Women that are pregnant and nursing mothers should be especially careful when taking vaginal tablets. Some vaginal tablets are not recommended for these categories of women. Women that are using other types of medication should be careful too, because some combinations can cause serious complications and side effects.