Sex & you

Sex & you

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Practical Sex Tips to Reach an Orgasm

The difficulty to reach an orgasm is present in many women. According to some studies, related to this problem, many women don’t actually enjoy in the sexual intercourse. There are many different reasons for this situation but most often they are related to the wrong picture about sex. In the basis of inability to reach orgasm lay some emotional and psychological problems.

One of the main reasons why women have trouble to reach intense orgasm is their insecurity about their appearance. There are many women who think that their body is not very attractive and they feel ashamed of themselves. This leads to stress and inability to reach orgasm. So the first step toward the solution for this problem is to accept your own body. It is very important to explore our own body even if we think that we should change some things about it. 

Women who want to feel relaxed need to abandon the perfectionist view of the things and need to understand that the body doesn’t have to be perfect in order to enjoy sex. One good practical advice is to look at the mirror while you are naked. After you have seen your body from different angles you will realize that your partner actually finds your body attractive. You will learn to respect yourself and you will gain confidence.

Besides the importance of acceptance of your own body, if you are suffering from difficulties to reach orgasm you should also perform certain exercises which will increase your chances to reach orgasm. The exercises that we are talking about refer to training so-called PC muscle that contracts during orgasm. Kegel exercises are one of the best exercises for this muscle and they significantly increase the chances of experiencing orgasm. If you want to locate the PC muscle the best way to do that is to try to stop urinating. The muscles that will stop the urination is the PC muscle. There are numerous Kegel exercises that can help you strengthen the PC muscle. The best thing about these exercises is that they can be performed anywhere you want.
Once you get familiar with your own body and start training your PC muscle you should start with masturbation too. 

Many women associate masturbation with shame, guilt and embarrassment. But it is a well known fact that masturbation is something completely natural. So, if you have never practiced masturbation now is the right time to start. With the help of masturbation you will find what makes you aroused, you will learn how to control the excitement and finally how to relax and achieve stronger erection. Don’t be afraid to experiment with sex toy or other techniques used for masturbation. They can also help you with this process.

Finally, when you have walked all these steps you are ready for the final step and that’s talking with your partner. Open communication might sound like a difficult thing but there is nothing wrong about talking with your partner openly about what stimulates you and what makes you happy in your bed. Keeping things like that to yourself will only get you frustrated. Remember that men can’t read your thoughts and that’s why you need to share your thoughts with them.

As you see, overcoming the problem of inability to reach orgasm requires dedicated and hard work, exercising and proper attitude.