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Sex & you

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Treat Erectile Dysfunction Using Dietary Oral Supplements

It is no longer in doubt that cases of erectile dysfunction including impotence is on the rise. This is clearly evident in the increasing number of men who continue to be diagnosed with the problem. Increasing cases of ED problem is also evident in the number of research studies currently being undertaken by a number of university medical schools government health agencies and international health organizations.

A number of options have been explored with the aim of treating ED and related health issues. From traditional conventional health treatment methods, a good number of health institutions are now increasingly resorting to Hormone Replacement Therapy in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, depending on identified cause(s) of the problem. Psychological counselling sessions has always been part of treatment and is usually aimed at helping men gain self-esteem and confidence. A trend that has emerged and is becoming very popular in treating ED including impotence is through dietary oral supplements.

Not all dietary oral supplements in the market can effectively treat erectile dysfunction. There are only a few natural male enhancement pills that have been subjected to safety and efficacy tests by authoritative health agencies including the US Federal Drug Administration. Recommended dietary supplements have been noted to contain specific ingredients that have been used for centuries by mankind not only to treat ED and other associated issues such as impotence but also in the treatment of other health conditions. Below are just a few of such ingredients.

Ginko Biloba Plant Extracts
Ginko Biloba is a plant native to China where it is widely cultivated. The plant’s seed holds a special place in Chinese culture and traditional medicine. Not only is it eaten as food; it is also a valuable medicine. Its efficacy has made it very popular not only in China but in many other Asian countries as well. Extracts from the plant’s leaves and seed (nuts) have been subjected to scientific studies and found to contain flavonoid glycosides that are effective in treating such health conditions as schizophrenia and dementia. Extracts have also been proved to be very effective in increasing and enhancing concentration. One area the plant’s extracts have become very useful to treat erectile dysfunction because of its positive effect in enhancing blood flow through the body.

L-Arginine is a form of Arginine, the non-essential amino acid naturally produced in the body. This means that one needs to obtain it from diet. However, those with health problems including erectile dysfunction and such associated problems as impotence need to enhance level of Arginine produced in their body through diet. It is readily available in such food stuff as dietary products (milk, yoghurt, beef and cottage cheese), pork, poultry, wild game wheat germ, oatmeal and various seeds. Arginine is important in cell division, healing of wounds, boosting immune system and in release of hormones. Arginine is widely used as an ingredient in toothpaste and in the treatment of herpes simplex virus. The L-Arginine form of Arginine (it is the body that transforms Arginine into L-form) has been proved to be effective in treating ED because of its positive effect of enhancing health of blood tissues in the body.

This is an ingredient found in produce of various plants and in particular red pepper. Protodioscin as a pro-erectile ingredient and is very effective in triggering release of nitric oxide into corpus cavernosum tissue, allowing for smooth blood flow into the penis, which makes it possible for a man to attain stronger erection. The ingredient is also very effective to boost testosterone level, dihydrotestosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone hormones in the body.

Although dietary oral supplements containing any or all of these ingredients are effective in treating erectile dysfunction and such other associated problems as impotence, it is very important that one consults his physician first for correct diagnosis. It is also important that one uses supplements after knowing exact cause of his ED problem.