Sex & you

Sex & you

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Few Things that Negatively Affect Fertility

Fertility is the natural ability to create children. However not all women have the same fertility level because fertility can be affected by many things. There are few things that have negative impact on this natural ability and some of them can be avoided.

The first thing that affects fertility in a negative way is the process of aging. Aging affects all our organs but the ovaries are one of the first organs that grows old which is a direct cause of reduced fertility in older women and it is often the cause of anomalies of the fetus. Scientists are still trying to determine the direct connection with these anomalies and aging but the probable cause of these irregularities can be probably found in the damaged chromosomes found in the eggs in older women. According to some statistics eight out ten women that are around 25 years old can get pregnant after six months of regular unprotected sexual intercourses. When the woman turns 40 the chances are significantly reduced and the same statistics say that one out of ten women can get pregnant with the same level of intercourses. However, despite this fact, today many young women postpone their pregnancy because of the fast paced lifestyle and the pursuit of career. Many women decide to have their first baby after they step in their 30s. This is the period when the reproductive ability begins to decline. Unlike women, men’s reproductive capacity decline very slowly.

Sometimes the working environment or the place where we live can affect the fertility. Special types of chemicals and fumes can be toxic when it comes to reproduction and they are proven to be responsible for the decline in fertility. They are equally dangerous for both men and women and they can also cause damage to the fetus. That’s why couples who want children should avoid places with high percentage of industrial chemicals and other toxins in the air.
Smokers often read the warning signs on the cigarettes but don’t take them seriously. These warnings are there for a reason. Besides many other dangerous that it brings, smoking can affect the reproduction ability. Women who begin to smoke while they are teenagers have increased chances of getting tubal infertility. Of course, alcohol abuse and drugs can cause even more problems.

Women who practice unprotected sex with multiple partners can get a sexually transmitted disease. The bad thing about these STD is that in many cases they don’t produce visible signs (Chlamydia for example). They can cause different types of damages to the fallopian tube which can lead to infertility. Even if the STD is noticed on time, the woman can still experience some of its unwanted effects. That’s why having protected sex and sex with partners that you know well is always a good idea.

Finally, stress can cause a lot of problems with our health and It can also affect the fertility in women. Stress can lead to depression which ultimately leads to irregular periods and improper ovulation.