Sex & you

Sex & you

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Keep Premature Ejaculation in Check and Stop the Embarrassment

Many of us men dream of becoming the exceptional lover who will make love to our lady all night long. Unfortunately; premature ejaculation often times pops up its ugly head and creeps upon us when we least expect it to.
Without doubt, premature ejaculation serves as one of the most embarrassing and most frustrating things that end up screwing up our sexual prowess, these effects are so drastic that they bruise our egos and we end up questioning our self-worth.
Now that is out, the question that lingers is….what exactly is premature ejaculation and how in the world are we able to suffer from it? This is question that not only lingers in my mind, but every other man.
Technically, premature ejaculation happens many times during the first minutes when we have sex. It actually strikes when we are all set and ready to go in, (Penetrate the vagina) after the first inward stroke, followed by the outward stroke and for some just after a couple of strokes we all shoot up the load.
When and if an orgasm strikes just after a couple of minutes, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you automatically suffer from premature ejaculation, it just means that the timing was not in any way right and its nothing to get alarmed about.
 Yet another logical explanation that would also lead to the definition of premature ejaculation could be the routinely climax way before you sexually fulfil your lady friend. For women your quick climax means that they will be unable to achieve an intense orgasm.

The Mistake We All Make

It’s rather unfortunate that many men tend to believe that premature ejaculations is something that is shameful. This belief has led many a man get humiliated due to their lack of stamina in the bedroom. This has led to most men avoiding any sexual contact with their lady friends.

Fortunately for all of us, things do not have to be this or any other way. As embarrassing as premature ejaculation is, it is also an event that can be reversed and an event that we can all get rid of once and for all!
Toughening the Pelvic Muscles in the pelvis region is one proven and continuously practised technique that is known to significantly increase staying power. Mental Muscle as it is often regarded as is a point which plays a major role in determining the length in time that someone will last.

Simpler exercises include combining the right diet, doing breathing exercises and physical exercises four to five days a week and performing foreplay are all perfect ways of ensuring that every sexual encounter is a great encounter!