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Sex & you

Monday, May 12, 2014

Reasons for Missed and Late Menstruation

There are many reasons why your menstrual cycle might be late or even missing but there are few of them are the most probable cause for that.
First and foremost, you might be pregnant. Of course, pregnancy is possible only when a woman had sex with a man without using any type of contraception. However, in some cases even if you have used protection it is possible that it fail to protect you. Pregnancy is possible only with a sexual intercourse, during which the man ejaculates his semen in the vagina, but it can also happen in cases when the man, just before ejaculation, pulls the penis out of the vagina. Anal sex, oral sex and all other types of sex can’t lead to pregnancy. In case you had sexual intercourse that can lead result in pregnancy and the menstrual cycle is late, there are two options for you. You can buy a pregnancy test or you can calculate the so-called fertile days. 

Calculating fertile days is not really the perfect choice for protection because they are not very reliable, but they can help you establish a framework about whether you were fertile during that period or not.
Women are usually most fertile between two menstrual cycles. Sometimes this state is visible thanks to the increased vaginal discharge. This fertile period is also called a period of ovulation.

In order to determine your fertile days you can also use so-called menstrual calendars. These calendars have many purposes – from calculating fertile days to observation of your body’s behavior. These calendars can help your gynecologist a lot because we often can’t remember when the last time we had a period or some other things related with our sexual health. Ovulation can be affected by alcohol, tobacco, drugs, stress, diseases and more. That’s why we can’t rely on calculating the fertile days.   

The link between the moon and menstrual cycles has been proved many times. The moon phase of fertility might occur at any time, no matter when was your last menstruation. The moon fertility period is calculated for each woman individually, based on the time of birth.

Menstruation can be late or missing for many other reasons. One of the major causes of this is of course – stress. Menstruation can fail because your body is trying to establish a new balance. That’s why teenage girls have so many irregular menstruations. Establishing a regular menstrual cycle can last for several years and in order to achieve that women should take care about their diet – eating too much or too little can affect the menstruation. Furthermore, excessive exercising can lead to body exhaustion and this kind of routine can confuse your menstrual cycle.

Irregular menstruation and its absence might be a short-term or long-term occurrence. In cases of long-term irregularities, the best option is to visit your gynecologist. If this is a short-term problem, try to find out what kind of changes in your life happened during that period.

Menstruation can be a great indicator about what is going on in the woman’s body.