Sex & you

Sex & you

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How to Start Having Better Orgasms

The key to having a successful relationship is multifaceted and there are many things which contribute towards a successful and healthy relationship. However, it has been proven through both anecdotal as well as scientific evidence that an important key to healthy and successful long term relationships is the sexual satisfaction of both partners. Put simply this means that if the sex isn't good a relationship is more likely to fail or result in one or both partners being unhappy. Ultimately sexual satisfaction boils down to how good of an orgasm is achieved for both partners involved. For those who are in a sexual relationship which is lacking in sexual satisfaction there are fortunately things that they can do in order to have better and more intense orgasm.

It is common knowledge that communication is a key component to any healthy relationship yet many couples often leave out the communication when it comes to sex. Everyone's bodies are wired differently and at times it can be virtually impossible to determine whether or not you are adequately satisfying your partner during intercourse. If one does not communicate what they enjoy during sex to their significant other it is almost always guaranteed they will not get what they want. No one is a mind reader. It can be very helpful to talk before having sex about what you like and then also ask your partner what they enjoy during intercourse. Talking about this before sex can also act as a sort foreplay which will also increase the intensity of the intercourse as well as orgasm.

Relax and Take It Slow
Another factor which often contributes to less than satisfying sexual intercourse is rushing the act or being too tense while performing. If one partner always rushes towards orgasm they are not only limiting their depth of orgasm, but they are also most certainly not properly satisfying their partner. An effective way to prolong the time until orgasm is to experiment with foreplay. It is a good idea to engage in at least ten to fifteen minutes of foreplay before beginning intercourse. Many have found that even longer amounts of foreplay result in even more satisfying sexual intercourse. The longer the time between being aroused and orgasm the stronger and more explosive the orgasm will be. It is important to pace yourself during intercourse and concentrate on your partner in order for both of you to have a better orgasm.

Medical Problems
In some cases there may be a medical issue which is holding back a couple's sexual satisfaction. One of the most common is erectile dysfunction. Many men are ashamed to even bring this up with their doctor. However, it is a real medical condition which has a variety of treatments available which can completely reverse the symptoms. People are also often on prescription medications which can limit the intensity of their orgasm and sexual intercourse. If you are taking prescription medication and experiencing sexual dissatisfaction it may be worthwhile to talk to your doctor about possible forms of alternative treatment that will not also negatively impact your sexual health