Sex & you

Sex & you

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Low Testosterone Levels Affect Sexual Performance

Sex is a natural activity that takes place between two people who are attracted to each other. There are those who have lots of casual sex with various partners and there are those who have sex with just one person that they are committed to. Either way, there will come a point in time when age will catch up with a man and make it more difficult for him to get aroused. Not only does this lower a man’s self esteem, but it can also frustrate his partner who is not getting any sexual satisfaction because of his impotence. Once the impotence begins, then it eventually turns into depression for the man and woman together. Then they’ll start taking antidepressants to try to feel better, but it will only make them feel worse in the end. Plus, antidepressants have a negative side effect towards sexual health because it increases the likelihood of impotence in men.

What many men fail to realize is that their low sex drive can be attributed to the low levels of testosterone in their body. As we get older, the male body produces less testosterone hormones than it did when it was younger. A man is supposed to produce about 20 times more testosterone than a woman, so if that number is lower than the man will experience many unpleasant symptoms. After all, testosterone is responsible for increasing the sex drive and even the thoughts of having sex. Men with high level of testosterone will also have other characteristics, such as self confidence and assertiveness. Testosterone has even been known to treat depression in both men and women. As you can see, being able to produce more testosterone has many benefits. That is why more men every year are taking testosterone supplements in order to help their body increase its testosterone levels, which will then increase its sex drive. 

But, it’s not just men either. Women are also taking these supplements as they get older as well. Testosterone levels in women decrease in age just like men. This causes women to experience lack of libido, fatigue, hot flashes and even weight gain. So, if they take sex pill supplements then these negative feelings will go away and their sexual libidos will greatly increase. That is why all older couples who don’t have a high sex drive should consider taking testosterone supplements because it will likely solve the problem. Just ask your doctor about getting a prescribed testosterone supplement, so that they can give you the proper dosage that your body is missing. You can buy over-the-counter testosterone supplements, but the problem with those is that you don’t know how much testosterone your body needs. A physical examination by a medical professional will make sure you get the right dosage. Then you can enjoy a nice healthy sexlife in your golden years with your partner.