Sex & you

Sex & you

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Boost Her Sexual Pleasure With Clitoral And G-Spot Orgasms

Seeing our partner smiling with satisfaction after sex is something that will make us proud. Every man wants to give sexual pleasure to their partner, therefore, many of them are looking for tips on how to please a woman in bed. When it comes to sex, you will find many tips on how to satisfy a woman. And although you will find different tips on the internet, but basically, there are always similarities between them. Almost all of those tips stated that you need to focus on two areas when you're having sex, and they are the clitoris and G spot. They are the most sensitive areas of women’s body. The clitoris is the easiest part because you can find it easily. Women will reach orgasm easily when their clitoris being stimulated, and when masturbating, most of them also have an orgasm from sexual stimulation in this area. As for the G spot, this part is quite difficult to identify because it is located inside the vagina, more precisely, slightly above the pubic bone. Women can have multiple orgasms when this area gets stimulus. Those are the two areas you need to focus on when you're making love with your partner, and here are the tips to stimulate those areas.

This area is very sensitive, and if it gets the correct stimulus, women will reach the climax faster. To stimulate the clitoris, you can use two fingers. Use these fingers to rub the top of the clitoral hood gently. Be careful when doing this because some women are not comfortable with direct stimulation of the clitoris because it can be painful. Therefore, you can start by giving her the right amount of pleasure with indirect stimulation. When she looks started to enjoy it, you can increase the speed of the stimulation. Aside from that, you can stimulate her clitoris with your tongue, and it seems that this is the most convenient way for women because besides the tongue is softer, the tongue could also provide some sort of lubrication.

Stimulating The G-Spot

The G spot cannot be seen from the outside, you have to insert your finger to feel it. With your palm facing up, insert your finger into the vagina. Move your finger with the come here motion, and feel the top of the vaginal cavity, delicate and smooth. That is the G spot, and when this area is stimulated, the woman will be able to get a multiple orgasm. It is also often referred to as a deep orgasm, and it can last longer than a clitoral orgasm. She certainly will really enjoy this. The G spot is very sensitive, but anyway, you may need to start with a warm up first. After she got aroused, you can continue your stimulation to the clitoris. Stimulate her clitoris for some time, let her get to the edge of orgasm, then hold down your finger. Repeat this process a few times before you move on to the G spot stimulation.

If you are having problems in your sex life, you might consider trying the tips above. You may consider about natural male enhancement pill, it may help lasting longer in bedRemember that you should be focused on two areas. This way, you will be able to make your partner happy when in bed. When you successfully deliver it, apparently, your bed will come back to life again.