Sex & you

Sex & you

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Foreplay Tips In The Shower

If you want to give satisfaction to your woman when having sex, then you should know the importance of foreplay. This way, your partner  will be more enjoying her sexual experience. Most women enjoy longer foreplay, women will require more time to become aroused. This is where foreplay plays an important role. With foreplay, you'll gradually increase your woman's sexual tension. Moreover, not only will foreplay improve intimacy, but it also will make the sexual activity more enjoyable. However, every woman has their own preferences, so you need to understand what your partner wants, and you can act accordingly. There are many types of foreplay that you can try, and shower foreplay can be an interesting option for both of you.

Shower foreplay has given pleasure to many couples, the water that flows into your and your partner’s body will provide an incredible sensation. This type of foreplay is great for women who often have difficulty reaching intense orgasm. Shower foreplay can give satisfaction to your woman, even before you take her to bed.

Indeed, there are many people who do not have enough information about foreplay techniques, and if you've never heard of this before, you may need to try this technique. Maybe you already know that women have a lot of sensitive areas in her body, and you may also have often stimulated these areas prior to sex. But maybe you and your partner have never felt the sensation provided by warm, flowing water, exploring your and your partner’s body. This gives a tremendous sensation, and your partner will definitely enjoy this more than the sensation she had ever felt before. If you are interested in trying shower foreplay, here are some simple tips that can give a huge change in your sex life.

- You can start by placing a bench in the shower. Sit on the bench, and let her sit on top of you pinning your body. You can hug her while doing sexual movements without involving penetration.
- The water that flows through your body can act as a lubricant, when your body rubs each other, both of you will feel immense sexual pleasure. Caress her body gently, move your hands following the running water on her body. And kiss her neck to add the intimacy, she will definitely love this stimulation.
- Furthermore, you can use soap when caressing her body. Soap will make your caress feels even softer. Apply soap to her entire body, use your hands to gently massage her body. It will double the stimulation she feels.
-  When you're done with soap, rinse her body with water. Once she's clean, you can give her oral stimulation. Fresh scent of her body will make you enjoy this job. It is a fun foreplay before sex.

Longer foreplay will delight your partner, and if you know some foreplay tip, it will be even helps you lasting longer in bed. Foreplay can be done anywhere you want, even in the shower. So you do not have to start the foreplay when you are already in bed. You can start the foreplay anywhere else, and end it up in bed.