Sex & you

Sex & you

Sunday, March 23, 2014

How To Maintain High Level of Testosterone

Men are very sexual beings. It is safe to say that men think about sex more than women do. The reason why has to do with the amount of testosterone in the male body. Scientists have figured out that men produce ten times more testosterone in their bodies than women. When you have a high level of testosterone in your body then you tend to have a high sex drive as well. This is why men generally want sex more than women do. It allows them to get aroused and actually have sex with a woman. If a man has low testosterone then achieving a hard erection would be close to impossible. Men that are young and in good health do not have a problem generating a vast amount of testosterone to get an erection. 

That is why they are so sexually active. The men who have real problems with their sexual health are older men. As men get older, their adrenal glands produce less testosterone in their bodies. This results in a low sex drive and the inability to maintain a hard erection in order to have sex with a woman. For men, this is embarrassing and depressing at the same time. It could even lead to suicidal thoughts or other negative effects on their mental health. Fortunately, there is treatment to fix this problem.

            Modern day men are lucky that they live in an age where scientists have already figured out ways to fix low testosterone problems. The most natural method is cardiovascular exercise, like jogging or walking. This will help the adrenal glands produce additional testosterone that it normally wouldn’t have produced. That is why people tend to feel more sexually aroused after a workout. It is a natural way to get an erection, but it also improves the health of your heart at the same time. Unfortunately for some men, exercise is not enough. They will need an actual testosterone supplement in order to produce enough testosterone in their body to get an erection. 

These supplements can be purchased over-the-counter at your local drug store or you can get a prescription from a doctor. The prescribed supplements are for people that want to make sure they take the correct dosage, so that their body doesn’t produce too little or too much testosterone. This is more popular with women that have low testosterone problems because they don’t need as much testosterone as men. So, they go to a doctor to figure out exactly how much they do need. Men don’t really seem to care if they have too much testosterone because it will only help them out more in the bedroom.