Sex & you

Sex & you

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Testosterone in Sexual Health

The idea of testosterone promoting sexual health has been around for thousands of years. In Ancient Greece, the people would eat the testicles of animals in order to boost their sex drive. Since testicles produce testosterone, the idea was that eating them would give you more testosterone in your body and make you more interested in sex. This theory is still believed today in many European countries, like Spain, where people continue to eat the testicles of bulls in order to promote a healthy sex life.

            Over the years, scientists have studied the results of eating testicles and the effects it has on the body. They have concluded that very little testosterone actually passes through the bloodstream after eating testicles. Instead, men who want to boost testosterone level can take certain actions to help their body produce more of it. For example, men can start doing more cardiovascular exercises as well as weight training workouts to boost their testosterone levels. Then, of course, there is always the supplement version if you want quicker results. These use a special ingredient, called Testofen, which acts like natural testosterone does in your body. The Testofen binds to the receptor sites of testosterone and reacts in your bloodstream the same way real testosterone would. These supplements also have a blend of natural herbs that promote the overall well being of the male body. After taking natural male enhancement pills, men can expect to have a much healthier libido, increased muscle mass and better immune function. 

            Younger people don’t typically take testosterone supplements because their bodies are already producing enough testosterone. But, as people get older they tend to produce smaller amounts of it. This means they will lose interest in sex and become physically weaker in their muscles. Obviously, nobody wants to feel like this and so these testosterone supplements are a quick fix to that problem. Although, nobody should ever replace a good balanced diet and exercise routine with just supplements. A combination of all of them will keep you the healthiest you can be and will allow you to have the best sexual function possible. As for females, they naturally don’t produce as much testosterone as men so they don’t really need to take any supplements. However, some women may want to go to a doctor to get prescribed testosterone supplements if they absolutely have no interest in sex at all. At least that way, a doctor can test the woman’s testosterone levels and determine how much she really needs. The same goes for men.