Sex & you

Sex & you

Friday, March 7, 2014

Improving Your Sex Life

We all get to a point where our sex lives tend to get worse as we get older. This usually happens with older men because they have either lost the interest of having sex in their marriage or they have a physical problem that prevents them from getting aroused. The more common of the two is an arousal problem, otherwise known as impotence. There are many factors that can be attributed to a man’s impotence. For example, if you are taking antidepressant medication then this could have a profound effect on your sex drive. Then you will end up feeling depressed all over again because you are not able to have sex. So, you mine as well ditch the antidepressant medications and stick to natural methods of improving your mood. After all, if your mood improves then your sex drive will improve as well.

            Exercise is a great way to become sexually aroused. All you have to do is a simple exercise routine, like walking or jogging, and it will cause the endorphins in your brain to get released. These endorphins are responsible for reducing the amount of pain and stress that your body feels. That is why you feel so good after you exercise. Along with these good feelings comes an increased sex drive. Men that have erectile dysfunction tend to get that way because they have a weak blood flow going towards their genital area. So, when a man exercises their heart is pumping blood faster and then their entire body gets the blood circulation it needs to function properly. As for women, the same concept also applies because exercise increases blood flow to their clitoris and vagina. Once this happens, their libido will go through the roof.

            Another reason why exercise is so great is because it helps raise testosterone levels in the body. A big reason why older men have erectile dysfunction is because their bodies are not producing enough testosterone, which results in a low sex drives. The easy solution to fix this is to take a testosterone supplement, but this is not exactly a natural method. Instead, a simple exercise routine will do wonders for your health to boost testosterone level naturally. When you exercise your satiety hormones, such as insulin, adiponectin and leptin, increase in the body. This causes your libido to get stronger, which means you will have a bigger urge to have sex and get aroused. So, people who are struggling to get aroused should first join a gym or walk outside at least 30 minutes per day. After that, you should notice a change in your libido.